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Leadership & Governance

Administrative Directors

Sarah Floyd                         

        Executive Director

Jon Nolting                         

        Associate Executive Director, Interim Director of Alpine Skiing

Dave Stewart

        Athletic Director

Amy Burkholder             

        Director of Finance

Ellen Campbell                 

        Director of Development     

Rory Clow                         

        Director of Marketing    

Deanna Manthei             

        Director of Member Services & Travel

Gretchen Burkholder 

       Office Manager

Kevin Sankey

        Director of Operations

Sport Directors

Bobby Aldighieri             

        Director of Freestyle Skiing  

Tori Billings                        

        Director of Snowboard

Tony Lodico                     

        Director of Freeskiing

Blair Seymour                   

        Director of Youth Development and Cycling

Brian Tate                         

        Director of Cross Country

Sady Tobin                      

        Director of Strength & Conditioning

Todd Wilson                     

        Director of Ski Jumping & Nordic Combined

SSWSC Board of Directors

Jim Boyne, President

Chris Diamond, Vice President

Ross Dyer, Vice President & Treasurer

Jeff Good, Vice President & Assistant Secretary

Amy Cook Olson

Todd Givnish

Artemis Hamrick Loomis

Chuck O’Connell

Roger Perricone

Jim Schneider

Steve Speer

Matt Tredway

Foundation Board of Directors

Executive Committee

John Hayden (2)                

        Chairman & President

Ed MacArthur (1)             

        Vice President & Treasurer

Brian Olson (1)(3)            

        Vice President

Chris Puckett (1)             

        Vice President & Chairman of Investment Committee
Paul M Berge (1)(2)        

Melinda Sherman

Jeff Temple (2)            

Pam Vanatta (3)                 

        Chairman of Nominating Committee    


Additional Board Members

John Adams (3)

Jon Albro (1)(2)

David Baldinger, Jr. (2)    

Stacy J. Childs (2)

Debbie Dacus (2)        

Scott Engelman     

Carrie Hayden (2) 

Charlie MacArthur (1)(2)              

Ron Simon (2)

Paul Slivon (1)(2)


Non Director Officers    

Jim Boyne (1)                      

        Vice President & Secretary         

Amy Burkholder                 

        Director of Finance &  Controller
Ellen Campbell                    

        Director of Development & Assistant Secretary                                          

Sarah Floyd

       Executive Director


(1) Member of Investment Committee

(2) Member of Development Committee

(3) Member of Nominating Committee