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Mission, Vision, Values

In the fall, SSWSC leadership staff, along with representatives from the Club and Foundation boards, spent two days off-site with the support of Muntean Leadership Group reviewing the Club’s strategic plan and updating the club’s vision, mission and core values. The leadership team will continue the strategic planning process with its streamlined mission and vision statements and core values as a guide.


The mission of the SSWSC is to create champions on and off the mountain by developing life skills and providing growth opportunities through participation in sports. Our mission is why we exist. We have a unique opportunity in Steamboat Springs to develop the best skiers and snowboarders in the world thanks to our venues, coaching staff, Ski Town, U.S.A. culture and Olympic heritage. Across the board our staff is committed to the larger picture of using our sports as a vehicle for personal growth and embracing champion behaviors outside of the competition realm.


Our vision is that the SSWSC is the model community youth organization for long-term personal development through sport. At our core we are a community-serving club, meeting the needs of the youth in Steamboat Springs and the broader Yampa Valley. We focus on long-term developmental gains over short-term results, and as such, are welcoming to all levels of ability in our programs, knowing that every child has the potential to grow and experience success on their own terms. Our multi-discipline programs for all ability levels result in healthy, contributing members of our community as well as skilled and passionate athletes.


We are guided by four core values: teamwork, integrity, fun, and achieve.


Teamwork is our secret weapon. While our sports are contested at the individual level, we know that a highly supportive team will not only push all to greater results,  but make the entire experience more rewarding. With a full slate of winter sports and summer programs as well, we look to take advantage of the expertise of our coaches across disciplines to make each other better. We encourage our athletes to interact across disciplines as well, through activities, shared coaching days, and athlete mentorships. Effectively, the SSWSC is one team, working together with our support partners to expand our opportunities and enrich the community.


As we interact with each other integrity drives our actions. We strive to do the right thing, even when it is not easy. We spend extra time teaching respect and supporting one another. We seek honesty and transparency in our interactions. We continuously honor the legacy of all the great champions on and off the mountain who have come before us and work to preserve the special place that the SSWSC holds in the community.




The number one reason children participate in sports is to have fun. Every youth program should have fun at its core, but in fact, fun is essential for developing champions on and off the mountain. Sport should be playful. We work to emphasize the positives that we see each day. We help athletes learn to enjoy the process, which can be difficult and not all that fun in the moment, but that will lead to enjoyment and fulfillment in the future. In the end, the experience should be a positive one.

Finally, we seek for all of our athletes to achieve something meaningful to them. The process takes effort, courage and skill that each possess. Along the way we are not afraid to learn from our mistakes, and we exhibit passion every day.



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